What sort of work can you help me with?

Christopher Kessling specialises in assisting people who have been charged with a criminal offence, are facing trial or sentence or are seeking to appeal against their conviction or sentence for a criminal offence. As a criminal defence barrister he is able to advise on all aspects of the trial and appeal process and represent your interests at court. A number of examples appear below. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your case.

assistance WITH:

Advice, Drafting of Documents and Representation at Court concerning any of the following matters on behalf of the defence:

  • Abuse of Process Applications (cases in which it would be unfair to try the defendant or the defendant cannot have a fair trial);
  • Admissibility - Applications to exclude prosecution evidence (including confessions and illegally or improperly obtained evidence);
  • Appeal against sentence passed in the Magistrates' Court (appeal to Crown Court);
  • Appeal against sentence passed in the Crown Court (appeal to Magistrates' Court);
  • Appeal against conviction in Magistrates' Court (appeal to Crown Court);
  • Appeal against conviction in Crown Court (appeal to Court of Appeal Criminal Division);
  • Appeals by the Prosecution, including against legal rulings and Attorney-General's References concerning unduly lenient sentences (defence representation against prosecution appeals);
  • Appeal by way of Case Stated to the High Court (on cases at the Magistrates' Court or following appeal to Crown Court - legal and jurisdictional issues advice and representation);
  • Applications to dismiss cases sent to the Crown Court for trial (i.e. pre-trial case dismissal advice and applications);
  • Bad Character Applications and Replies (where the prosecution seek to rely on past behaviour or previous convictions);
  • Bail applications Magistrates' Court & Crown Court;
  • Confessions  (Advice on admissibility and applications to exclude);
  • Confiscation Applications (including under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002);
  • Custody Time Limits Extension Applications (where the prosecution seek to extend the period of time pre-trial that a defendant is held in custody);
  • Defence Statements;
  • Disclosure and Applications for Specific Disclosure of Unused Material;
  • Evidence (including evidence liable to be excluded as irrelevant or inadmissible);
  • Expert Evidence (advice on expert evidence and on seeking defence expert evidence);
  • Hearsay Applications and Replies (i.e. where the prosecution seek to rely on the evidence of an absent witness);
  • Judicial Review Applications (where the decision-making process is unreasonable or procedurally flawed);
  • Pre-trial Crown Court Hearings, including Plea and Trial Preparation (PTPH) Hearings;
  • Sentence - Pre-sentence advice as to outcomes with reference to sentencing guidelines;
  • Sentence  - representation at Crown Court (plea in mitigation);
  • Sentence  - representation at Magistrates' Court (plea in mitigation);
  • Strengths/weaknesses of the Defence Case;
  • Strengths/weaknesses of the Prosecution Case;
  • Trial - effective case Preparation Crown Court Trial;
  • Trial - effective case Preparation Magistrates' Court Trial;
  • Trial - Crown Court Trial (jury trial) representation;
  • Trial - Magistrates Court Trial representation;
  • Witness Requirements.

Where do you work geographically?

Although based in London Chris represents people in criminal cases across the country.  He started his career as a Barrister in the midlands and has travelled widely to provide legal representation. He can represent clients in any Magistrates' or Crown Court in England & Wales.  

HOW TO Instruct Christopher Kessling

Enquiry Response Solution


First of all, simply fill in the form on the contact page. This is the best method of making an enquiry.

If you choose to call using the number on the contact page please understand that this line goes direct to Christopher Kessling and will not be answered if he is working. Please leave a brief message including the nature of your enquiry and your name and telephone number.  


You will then receive an email or a phone call in response. Chris will always try and respond quickly but please be aware that there may be a delay in responding.  


There may be a simple solution to your enquiry that can be dealt with quickly. Often he will need to look at the papers in your case to get a clear idea of the issues involved.  Sometimes he will need to meet you to discuss the circumstances of your case.  If so, depending on the nature of your legal issue and where you are, a conference can be arranged at a mutually convenient location.

Alternatively, conferences can be arranged online. If representation at court is required this will be discussed during the initial discussion or during conference.  

Before any work is carried out for you, you will be provided with a Client Care Letter containing (1) a description of the work that will be carried out; (2) a clear breakdown of costs; and (3) clearly laid out terms upon which Christopher Kessling will carry out work for you. If you are content, you will then sign these and return them. Where possible, a fixed fee (not hourly rates) is applied so that you know precisely from the outset what your legal advice or representation is going to cost. You can read more by clicking on the links below or start here.                        

Christopher Kessling | 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE | 0203 319 6420 | contact@defence-barrister.co.uk