How much will it cost?

The question, "How much will it cost?" is obviously important to most people who choose to instruct a barrister. That is why, where possible, a fixed rate for advice and/or representation in court will be given.  If you instruct Christopher Kessling the work that will be carried out and the precise charges for that work will be contained in a Client Care letter that you will have the opportunity to read through carefully and sign before work commences.  

Please Note

  1. The charges in your case will always be clearly stated in your Client Care letter and agreed by you in advance.  
  2. Payments required for external services (such as court transcripts, expert witness services and witness attendance expenses) are additional costs.
  3. Legal Aid is not available for Public/Direct Access cases. It is also not possible to pay privately for advice if you currently have a Legal Aid certificate. 
  4. 'No win no fee' arrangements cannot be used in criminal cases.
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Fees are clearly explained from the outset and contained in your Client Care letter. You must feel free to ask any questions you have about the fees charged.  

Where can I find more information ABOUT FEES?

Please read our Direct Access to Barristers FAQs which will answer many of your questions, including about legal aid and you can also see a model Client Care Letter.

You can read this guide to How Do I Pay a Barrister? on the Bar Standards Board website.

The Legal Ombudsman has produced a helpful independent guide to costs called Ten Questions to Ask your Lawyer about Costs . 

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